Lagunitas treated me right before, so I was excited to try this Pilsner, in the same vein as a delicious Budwieser, or PBR.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 39 degrees.

Nose: Hops and carbonation made me want to sneeze.

Taste: Brought me back to when I was a kid collecting beer cans.  Picked up full Burgie on trade, opened and drank it with my friends.  Mmmm.  This beer is probably hopper than Burgie, but neither bite was I prepared for.

4 out of 6 bottles

This is a Czech Style pilsner, which as best as I can tell means that it's pretty good at hockey, and not so good at gymnastics?  I expected there to be a more even play between the hops and the malt and barley.  But in the Czeck Republic, maybe they don't have those amber wheat fields.  This had more of an IPA feel, since there really wan't a sweet aftertaste.