Lou Gramm announced a series of dates with his All Stars band, with new music expected near the beginning of the road trip.

The singer is joined by bassist Tony Franklin plus two fellow former Foreigner members: saxophonist and guitarist Scott Gilman and keyboardist Jeff Jacobs. The lineup is completed by lead guitarist Alex Garcia and drummer Ben Gramm.

The 12 dates, which run from June 6 to Nov. 4, can be seen below. Tickets go on general sale at 10 a.m. EDT on Friday.

In sharing the tour with writer Mitch Lafon, Gramm’s manager Bob Golino explained that “new music should be getting release mid-June.” That follows comments the singer made when he told a Q&A audience in February that he rediscovered unfinished songs from his ‘80s solo albums.

“I’m digging through my old tapes and I find these song ideas or songs that were two-thirds done,” he said (via iHeart.com). “I listen, I listen, I go, ‘Boy, that was pretty good.’ So, we got, I think, five or seven songs from that era that we’re finishing up and reworking, and they sound pretty damn good.”

Gramm also said he hopes to be able to finish songs he started with former Foreigner bandmate Mick Jones in 2013, around the time they were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame together. “They’re great songs,” he explained. “I think about them a lot. I have a couple of rough cuts of them, you know, and I think they would be great songs, but I think the clock is ticking, too. He’s not in good health at all.”

Lou Gramm All Stars 2023 Tour
6/13: South Bend, IN
7/1: Arlington Heights, IL
7/22: Paso Robles, CA
7/29: Hallowell, ME
8/4: Winnipeg, MB
8/6: Minnedosa, MB
8/19: Milford, CT
9/12: Wooster, OH
9/16: Oklahoma City, OK
10/7: Rochester, NY
11/2: Des Plaines, IL
11/4: St. Charles, IL

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