The Department of Energy (DOE) under the Biden-Harris administration announced updated standards for household appliances like refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, dryers, and air conditioning units to enhance their energy efficiency.

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You Probably Missed the Announcement.
The announcement was made in the midst of holiday planning on December 29th, of course when people are most busy.

The new announcement brings in stricter energy efficiency standards aimed at controlling carbon emissions. The move won't solely affect Tennessee, as every American homeowner will be subject to the new regulations.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has confirmed that these energy standards will aim to eliminate 420 million metric tons of dangerous carbon dioxide emissions over the forthcoming 30 years, as reported by Fox News.


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When Are Appliances Being Taken Off The Market?

Within the next five years, appliances that aren't energy efficient and that meet these new standards will be taken off the market. The DOE's announcement says,

"...the updated standards, which will take less efficient but cheaper models off the market, will in 30 years remove the amount of emissions generated by the combined annual emissions of 12.7 million homes."


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement,

"Today’s announcement is a testament to the Biden-Harris Administration's commitment to lowering utility costs for working families, which is helping to simultaneously strengthen energy independence and combat the climate crisis."

These tighter efficiency measures are expected to result in savings of up to $5 billion a year on utility bills for households and businesses. Despite these projected savings, some have concerns about the transition process and the immediate impact of these measures on consumers.

Disposal Of Old Appliances

These new energy efficiency measures won't take immediate effect, however. According to federal officials, homeowners can expect these new standards for refrigerators and freezers to be fully implemented within the next five years.

So, while these stricter regulations will likely change the appliance landscape, for the time being, Americans can continue using their current refrigerators and freezers without any immediate changes.

The new efficiency standards signal a continued effort by the Biden administration to fight climate change and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle, with long-term environmental benefits promising a more eco-friendly future for American households.

However, the practicalities of this large-scale appliance shift, the affordability of new appliances, and the disposal of old ones will undoubtedly be an area for further consideration and debate in the coming years.

You can get more information on what the Biden Administration is saying about these restrictions, click here.

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