Dollar Tree, a discount retailer, has announced plans to close a significant number of its Family Dollar store locations in 2024, especially in Mississippi.

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In addition to the closure of 600 Family Dollar stores this year, the company intends to shut down an additional 370 Family Dollar outlets, along with 30 Dollar Tree locations, over the coming years as leases expire. This collective closure accounts for approximately 15% of its Family Dollar footprint.

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Why Are The Dollar Tree Stores Closing?

The combined stores have faced challenges of inflation affecting the purchasing power of its low-income clientele. According to the retailer, an increasing number of shoppers are actively seeking out better deals by comparing prices at rival stores. Additionally, the uptick in shoplifting has further compounded the strain on the company's financial performance.

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The impending closures raise concerns about their impact on local communities, particularly in areas where Family Dollar stores serve as vital retail hubs and employment centers.

A Statement From A Spokesperson

The closures could hit some communities hard, according to Dominick Miserandino of RetailWire.

"They might be the only store that serves the entire community in this area," Miserandino told CBS News. "They might have been one of the few jobs in the community... These communities are dependent on these stores."

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What Stores In Mississippi Are Closing?

A long list of Family Dollar stores in Mississippi have either closed, or will soon shut their doors, according to Magnolia State Live. They include the following locations:

  • Canton: 1074 Peace St.
  • Clinton: 222 Clinton Blvd.
  • Collins: 816 Main St.
  • Columbus: 202 Alabama St.
  • Columbus: 60 Mike Parra Rd.
  • De Kalb: 14916 Hwy. 16 W.
  • Drew: 144 W. Park Ave.
  • Durant: 369 E. Madison St.
  • Eupora: 1960 Veteran's Memorial Blvd.
  • Flora: 101 Mansker Dr.
  • Jackson: 3707 S. Siwell Rd.
  • Jackson: 1201 University Blvd.
  • Louisville: 401 S. Church Ave.
  • Monticello: 713 E. Broad St.
  • Natchez: 395 John R. Junkin Dr.
  • Newton: 188 Northside Dr.
  • Okolona: 511 W. Monroe Ave.
  • Pearl: 621 S. Pearson Rd.
  • Pearl: 3123 U. S. Hwy. 80
  • Philadelphia: 800 E. Main St.
  • Quitman: 548 S. Archusa Ave.
  • Raymond: 825 E. Main St.

While specifics regarding the closures remain undisclosed, reports from local media indicate that many of the affected Family Dollar stores are offering substantial discounts of up to 50% as part of clearance sales. This move signals an effort to mitigate losses and liquidate inventory in anticipation of closures.


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