Now there's one rule everybody learns about microwaves and it's pretty simple: Don't put anything with foil or metal inside of the microwave, because it'll spark and break your microwave in a crazy way.


Apparently, that's a lesson that one guy from a viral video went his whole life without learning, until recently.

A TikTok video went viral this past week of a man upset with a Taco Bell he bought food from, but tried to reheat his food in the wrappers that were covered in foil.

“You’re done, you’re f****** done. I’m going to sue your ass off,” the man can be heard telling the employee behind the counter, who is one of the managers of the store. When asked if he would like new food, the man exclaimed, “Plus, you guys are gonna pay for my f****** microwave. It blew up!”

Getting increasingly agitated, he stated, "Oh, you're smiling," before slapping the employee across the face - which brought a sound of shock from all the employees and spectators.

ayoclipss via TikTok
ayoclipss via TikTok

“Yo, what the hell? No, what the f***? What’s going on with you, bro?” the employee said, confused by the sudden escalation in the situation.

Another manager jumped in to try to defuse the situation but the man kept telling both workers, “F*** you.”

“Brother over-microwaved a fast food sandwich and it blew up in his microwave? Now he’s there complaining and wants them to buy him a new microwave?” one Redditor posted in response to the altercation.

Another said, “That geezer doesn’t know you don’t put anything containing aluminum in a microwave. That’s the first f******* lesson you get with a microwave.”

Others pointed out that microwaves came into commonality in the time this guy's been alive, so he should know already.

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