In Indianapolis, a woman reported an unusual robbery experience. She was approached by a gunman at her home after her late shift and forced to hand over 100 dollars in cash.


But That's Not All

To add to her discomfort, the robber made her send him a friend request on Facebook and even attempted to ask her out on a date later.


Damien Boyce, who pointed out his Facebook profile to the victim, told her that he would pay the stolen money back to her then left on his bike.



Messege Exchange

According to court records, the two exchanged messages on Facebook where Boyce expressed regret and admiration for the victim's beauty while promising to pay back the stolen amount. However, the victim revealed that she already had a man in her life.

“Look just know imma pay you back, it’s a F****d up way to meet but damn you was too pretty to rob,” Boyce wrote.

“I believe you man. I can tell you’re sweet. Times just get rough I know that,” the victim replied.

Boyce sent more saying, “I feel like a total a**. I swear I got you. What’s your Cash App tag.. or you can send it when I’m ready.”

Then he went on to say, “For real. I’m ******  we had to meet up on them terms. Come chill with me. I swear I’m not on that type of timing.”

“I do have a man. You know I can’t do that LOL. I wish you the best tho,” the victim replied.

Not A Good Record

It turns out that Boyce has been charged with armed robbery, as well as other charges stemming from a previous incident where he reportedly shot two individuals and hit another person with a brick. He has also been charged with carrying a handgun as a convicted felon.

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