A video shared to Facebook last night has exploded, showing a crop duster doing what crop dusters do best: Fly low and fast while they spray the fields. Only this crop duster cut things close with a semi driving along the highway between the fields he was servicing.

The video, shared by Clifton Howard, has a caption that reads "buzzin the semis on 30," referring to Highway 30. It's not pinpointed what state the video takes place, but we can obviously assume it's one of the Midwest farm states.

Highway 30 runs through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


In the video, the crop duster comes off of the field, over the highway, and just as the clip ends, goes right over the road in front of a semi driving along.

Clifton Howard via Facebook
Clifton Howard via Facebook

In just 15 hours on the internet, the video had over 1.1M views.

The reactions are mixed, most saying the pilot is brave yet stupid, while simultaneously praising the skill of cropduster pilots.

"Wonder how he fits his balls in the cockpit?" many commenters wrote.

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We talked on the morning show about aerial applicators and the skill needed to fly one of these planes.

They spray fungicides about 2 gallons an acre, with a 500-gallon capacity. The planes themselves cost about $1,000,000.

Rates are about $40 per acre.

Listener Michael shared a video of his grandfather's last flight as an aerial applicator.

"My late grandfather, Mick Miller, was an aerial applicator for many years. The company he worked for put together this video of his last flight before his retirement. Great views from all around the airplane with GoPros. Enjoy!"

Jim said, "We have a small half-mile grass runway that we maintain and Crop Duster use. I keep the grass mowed low for them so they can get off the ground easier and faster. One day I was at the end of the runway and I stopped and got this video."

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