OXFORD, Ohio - A concerned parent's frustration over the amount of homework assigned by his child's school has escalated to legal consequences as Adam Sizemore finds himself facing charges following repeated calls to the school and local police department.

Oxford Police Get Involved

According to Oxford police, Sizemore allegedly made multiple calls to his child's school to express discontent with the workload given to his child. Authorities state that these calls escalated to threats directed at the school principal, with Sizemore reportedly warning the principal to "put his big boy pants on."

When the school ceased responding to Sizemore's calls, law enforcement officials claim he turned his attention to the police department, bombarding their dispatch with approximately 18 calls. Oxford Police Detective Sgt. Adam Price remarked on the persistence, stating, "He calls dispatch, I think it was 18 times roughly."

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What Did He Say In His Calls To Police?

Recordings from the police department reveal Sizemore's increasing frustration with dispatchers, particularly over their refusal to disclose their names and his inability to reach the chief of police directly.

Below is a transcribed portion of one of the calls:

Dispatcher: “Leave a voicemail if he doesn’t answer.”

Sizemore: “I’m being very nice.”

Dispatcher: “Well, then come to the police department and we’ll call the chief in, and you can talk to him in person but I’m not calling him on the phone.”

Sizemore: “He can come to my f****** house. I pay for him. He can come to my house.”

Despite his repeated attempts, Sizemore did not succeed in speaking with the chief of police. However, officers did respond to the situation after dispatch informed Sizemore that they would send them out due to his persistent calls.

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Taken Into Custody

The situation came to a head when law enforcement took Sizemore into custody, citing charges of telecommunications harassment and menacing. Sizemore faces two first-degree misdemeanors for telecommunications harassment and a fourth-degree misdemeanor for menacing, as outlined in the criminal complaint.

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