Moline, Illinois - In an attempt to streamline the reporting process for minor offenses and non-emergency incidents, the Moline Police Department has unveiled its latest initiative: the Desk Officer Reporting System (DORS). This online platform allows citizens to file reports conveniently through the department's website, offering a more efficient alternative to traditional reporting methods.


While stressing the importance of calling 911 in emergencies or situations involving immediate threats, the department encourages residents to utilize the online system for incidents within Moline's jurisdiction that do not require immediate police intervention.

Upon visiting the department's website, individuals can easily fill out a report detailing the incident in question. Following submission, the system generates a unique case number, and users have the option to print a draft copy of the report for their records. Reports are then reviewed by the Records Division, with further investigation initiated if necessary. It's essential for individuals filing reports online to provide valid contact information, including a phone number and email address.

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What Kind Of Crimes Can Be Reported To This System?

The introduction of online reporting is not intended to diminish the availability of in-person assistance from officers when needed. Instead, it aims to offer a more accessible avenue for documentation-centric cases, thereby optimizing police resources and reducing response times for report-only calls. Citizens can utilize the online system for a variety of offenses, including burglary to a motor vehicle, criminal damage to property, home repair fraud, deceptive or bad checks, harassment by electronic communication, minor thefts, and visitation interference.

Launching The New Program

The DORS program was developed in collaboration with the Rock Island County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) and is set to expand to other cities in Rock Island County in the coming months. Integrated with the dispatch center, the system can even send callers a text message containing a link to the online reporting platform.

The launch of the system in February allowed the Moline Police Department to test its functionality, with over two months yielding 21 successfully processed reports. The project's inception dates back to July 2023, reflecting meticulous planning and development efforts.

Where To Find More Information:

For more information on the DORS program or to file a report online, residents are encouraged to visit the Moline Police Department's website at and navigate to the Police section.

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