An Indiana teacher was arrested this week as police say she brought paraphernalia to a "Family Fun Night" event at a school.

Sarah Jayne Duncan Vanderburgh County Jail.
Sarah Jayne Duncan
Vanderburgh County Jail.


A former 8th-grade teacher, Sarah Jayne Duncan, was arrested and imprisoned after police say she brought methamphetamine to a family event at Helfrich Park STEM Academy.

The Children Found The Drugs


During the event, the children found a blue scrunchie that Duncan took out of her hair. Upon opening it, they found a glass vial containing white powder and a cut straw.

Scrunchie with zipper pocket.
Scrunchie with zipper pocket.

The children informed another teacher who then instructed them to dispose of the paraphernalia, however, she later retrieved it from the trash and held onto it until the police arrived.

According to an affidavit, janitors noted that during the event, Duncan was frantically searching for some sort of hair tie.

Drug Tested

A field test of the white powder in the vial confirmed it to be methamphetamine. Duncan's drug screen at Deaconess was terminated due to the urine samples provided not meeting the correct temperature for testing, and an unauthorized container fell from her shorts.

Although she denied the scrunchie found by the children belonged to her. Duncan told police she did lose a scrunchie, but claims it was not the one the children found.


A photo was taken that night of Duncan wearing a blue scrunchie matching the appearance of the one found by the children.

The Aftermath

As a result, she was fired from the school and now faces drug charges on a $1,000 bond.

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