What was supposed to be a typical buffet night at the Golden Corral took a turn and became a not-so-golden corral...

A 40 person brawl between customers broke out at the Bensalem Pennsylvania Golden Corral Friday Night. Yelling, punching, and flying furniture can be seen in the video. Costumers were not happy about something, and it is suspected to be because of the steak.

Bensalem police are trying to figure out how the fight started. It has been rumored by a past employee that the fight may have happened after a customer became enraged when the buffet ran out of steak.

The restaurant was left a complete disaster, with broken lights, damaged chairs and tables, shattered food dishes, and trash scattered around the floor.

Dylan Becker, a former Golden Corral employee, said he was told by a current employee about the fight. "From what I heard it was over steak, apparently somebody cut in line... I’ve never seen nothing like that in Golden Corral before.”

In the video, a man is heard saying “all I wanted was some steak.”

JK Hospitality, LLC, the Golden Corral franchisee wrote in a statement: “Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and co-workers is our top priority.”

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Looking into the comments on the video uploaded to YouTube, many people took to blaming the customers for the incident. However, some commenters decided to add their sense of humor to the situation:

And not a single person yelled “World Star?!”

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