It feels like ever since smart phones became as prevalent as they are in society, scammers have been calling my cell nonstop. Luckily there are a few ways you and I can fight back and protect ourselves.

The first thing you'll want to do is register your number(s) with the National Do Not Call Registry. This will help get rid of those annoying robocalls that are spoofing local numbers. I know for a fact that there are not that many people with a 563 number trying to call me. By the way, registering your number is fast and FREE, so do it now.

A rule of thumb is that most of these organization will not call you directly about any account issues or money collecting. If you receive a call saying you owe money, hang up and call the number listed on your bill.

Now if you're an app kind of person, here's a couple pieces of software that you can download on your smart phone:

Mr. NumberAndroid / Apple
Mr. Number will block scam callers and give you the option of blocking any number. It works by allowing users to report numbers as scams and even details what type of scammer they are.

Hiya – Android / Apple
Hiya acts as a caller ID, so if you're one of those people that doesn't answer unrecognized numbers. If a business is trying to call you, their name will show up.

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