This year's senior class has had an unforgettable but disappointing final year. The pandemic not only cut their year short, but they had to switch to online classes. They didn't get to go to Prom, musicals; track meets; tennis matches; band, orchestra, or choir concerts; the list goes on and on. Most schools weren't even in a position to host a graduation ceremony, between venue availability and state regulations.

The Ashley Ridge High School graduates were able to attend an in-person ceremony, and even that got messed up in spectacular 2020 fashion.

In the 7:30am service yesterday morning, Principal Karen Radcliffe was introducing the school's valedictorian and salutatorian, when the sprinklers kicked on.

Luckily, everyone had a great attitude about the little fluke. Moments after the sprinklers were shut off, Principal Radcliffe said "Hey, y’all complain about the heat, we bring you water."

A spokesperson with the school district said there were no complaints filed over the incident.

“It was a moment that the students enjoyed as part of an unusual graduation season,” Pat Raynor from Dorcester District 2 said. “Parents seemed to enjoy it as well.”

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