It's August 18th, and you know what that means: National Fajita Day.

The concept of the fajita started in the 1930's, as Mexican vaqueros down in Texas came up with the dish using throwaway cuts of beef. They typically used the tougher cuts, because it tended to have more flavor.

Soon, the cheap meal got its grip on the local culture, but it wasn't until the 1960's that the dish became mainstream, when Sonny Falcon, AKA "The Fajita King" started selling them to the general public.

Here's a some quick facts:

  • 1969- Sonny Falcon made the first recorded sales of fajitas from his concession booth in Kyle, Texas
  • 1971- The word "Fajita" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Fajita translates to "Little Band"
  • McDonald's Tried Their Hand At The Dish- In 1991, McDonald's started serving Chicken Fajitas. That didn't last very long.

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