The annual Dwyer & Michaels Halloween Costume Ball was a HUGE success this past weekend!

Over 600 people attended all dressed in their best costumes. We saw extravagant costumes such as Cleopatra's whole squad of mummies and cats, an 11-foot hot air balloon, a $7,000 velociraptor, and more!

The Morning Show Costumes

Dwyer & Michaels dressed as the cheaters from the fishing scandal. Goose (not pictured) was dressed as the weigher of the fish.


If you haven't heard about the fishing scandal, these two tournament fishers were caught cheating as they had been stuffing their fish with lead weights.


Megan and Hairball teamed up and dressed as Adrian (Patrick Swayze) and Barney (Chris Farley) from the famous Chippendales SNL skit!

attachment-Megan and Hairball

They memorized the entire dance a week prior, then got up on stage at the party.

Megan and Hairball KILLED this performance! Watch it here:

Here is the original Saturday Night Live Chippendales skit. Did they match it well?

We hope you enjoyed the Dwyer & Michaels Costume Ball! If you were not there this year, you will surely want to be there next year!

Check out the pictures of the awesome Halloween costumes at the Halloween ball this year!


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