Today is National Work from Home Day or, business as usual for a lot of people this year.

So do you think it's easier or harder to call in sick when you're working from home? According to a new survey, 52% of us have faked a sick day before.

And the top reasons we call in sick when we're not actually sick are: To take a mental health day... we're not sick, but we don't feel good... to go to a doctor's appointment... we're too tired to work... and because we just don't want to go in.

Here are a few more stats on faking a sick day:

  1. Monday is the most popular day of the week to call in sick when you're not. And a third of us have used a sick day after a holiday.
  2. On average, we give our boss a heads up six hours before work starts. But 3% have called in sick AFTER they were supposed to be there.
  3. Calling on the phone is still the most popular way to do it, followed by texting.
  4. The states with the most people who've taken a fake sick day are Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Kansas, and Kentucky. And people in Wisconsin, Utah, and Minnesota do it the least.

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