When you're out walking in nature, you often times will come with a decision: walk through the little puddle, or walk 50 feet around the puddle. The adventurer in you says 'It's just a little bit of water,' and you typically will just chance it. This guy won't be doing that, probably ever again.

the3dumbells on TikTok shared video of their shortcut they tried to take through a mud puddle, but one of the guys didn't look before he took into the puddle.

"My trousers are going to get dirty," he says as he takes his sandals off to make sure they don't get caught in the mud.

the3dumbells via TikTok
the3dumbells via TikTok

The guy takes a step into the puddle, putting his weight on his foot that's going into the water. Little did he know the mud didn't sit just under the water's surface, but feet below the water's surface.

He takes the step of faith, and disappears completely below the surface of the water.

The video has nearly 24 million views on the platform, with nearly one hundred thousand comments.

Look before you leap, I guess!

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