I'm not a confrontational guy.  I'll usually avoid conversations if at all possible...let alone loud aggressive ones like the video below.

In the country, there's not much care about poop in the yard.  We've got dogs and try to clean up the back yard as much as possible to avoid any tracking indoors.

But we've also got raccoons, cats, deer, foxes & Chupacabra's running all over.  We can't police every drop of deuce on our almost 7 acres.

That being said...when we did live in town, we would see one lady come by every day or so and let her dog pop a squat under our pine trees.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt a few times.  Maybe she just forgot her doggy doo-doo bags.  Perhaps she's in a hurry for her job saving baby seals from ravenous hunters.

I did go so far as to yell out the window..."Thanks for the fertilizer, lady!"

But that's about as aggro as I got.  It worked, though.  I never saw her again after that.

In this video, a guy used a megaphone to call out a woman who never picks up her dog's poop in his yard.  He got her attention with a foghorn, and then used the megaphone to shame her into cleaning up the mess.  The video is from his doorbell cam.

This video is not safe for work, by the way.

Or as the cool kids say, NSW, BTW.

I just wish I owned a megaphone back when the dog poop lady came into MY yard.

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