I've admitted before that I don't understand NFT's and that I might not be interested in learning about them.  I might be tapping out of the digital game. Gonna stick to writing website articles and posting them on social media.  Not exactly my "strong suit" but it's within the realm of comfort and ability.

Then 3 Years Hollow decided to offer up a portion of their upcoming music as an NFT which allows you to earn money on any royalties.  So, at this point I'm a bit interested.

Now...a guy has figured out a way to turn his farts into NFT and sell them.  BRILLIANT!

For the uninitiated, NFTs are "non-fungible tokens" which basically turn digital files into collector's items. It's kind of like buying a baseball card.  You own the card, and can resell it for cash...but NFT aren't anything you can hold.  So, I guess I still don't understand them.

Now back to the toots.  There's a 36-year-old movie director in Brooklyn, New York named Alex Ramirez-Mallis.  And during the pandemic, for some reason, he and his friends have been recording themselves every time they pass gas...which is something I've been doing...but I am dumb and give them away for free in emails to my coworkers labeled "air check".

Now he's compiled all of the gas into a digital audio track, called "One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts".  And he's selling an NFT of that file.  The top bid right now is $197.  He's also selling NFTs for each individual gas track, and one sold for $85.

And he's my personal hero.

(New York Post)

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