Things are about to get interesting.

You've no doubt heard of NFT's and if you haven't you will.  Non-fungible tokens are something I don't know much about but I will be doing some home work.  From what I understand it's a way to buy or sell digital art.  Whether it be pictures & videos or video games or music...people always love owning an original and the blockchain is going to be able to prove ownership and therefore make people a ton of money through usage rights.
And now 3 Years Hollow, from the Quad Cities, are offering you a chance to own a piece of some upcoming releases.
You can now own a piece of 3YH. In 2021, we find ourselves in the interesting position of being unsigned. That gives us a lot of creative freedom as artists. Given that, we're going to start working with individual investors on our projects, which is something we have been doing behind the scenes with other projects for the last few years. Let me give you an example!
For our song "Among the Waves" you can now own 10% of the master, just as a record label would, by purchasing the digital rights to it as an NFT. Once you purchase, you will join our royalty system and collect payments in perpetuity just as we do from streaming sites like Spotify, etc. We're starting with this one at a very low intro rate just to get you introduced to the process, but we will be doing this with all 10 of our upcoming singles this year. Check it out!

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