A Lyft driver who was completing a drive for a customer in North Miami got carjacked in front of a community center, and not only did the surveillance video capture the incident and the suspect, but police had one other major hint to go on.

The driver, a woman - who according to Local10 was too scared to show her face - was dropping off her passenger at the community center.

On the surveillance video, the passenger, who is dressed all in black, exits the vehicle, pulls the driver out of the vehicle, and drives off.

WPLG Local 10 via YouTube
WPLG Local 10 via YouTube

Inside the vehicle, the passenger had punched her, grabbed her from the backseat, and then ran around to pull her out and drive away in her car.

Luckily, aside from the surveillance footage of the incident, police also had another tip to go off of - the suspect's name and phone number.

The driver gave police the information of the passenger, and police issued a subpoena to Lyft. Police said they “received the records showing the phone number and account used belongs to the defendant.”

That's when officers were able to successfully arrive at the home of 19-year-old Jermiah Charles.

On October 26th, police brought the victim to the police station to identify the driver.

Police said ”the victim positively identified the defendant in the lineup.”

The missing car was also discovered a block away from Charles' home. Of course, he denied all involvement when questioned by police.

Jermiah Charles faces charges of robbery and carjacking, according to a police report.

Read more at Local10

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