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Lisa Bluder Announced Retirement

Lisa Bluder has decided that now is a good time to retire, after two National Championship appearances and a 24-year career that made her the winningest coach in the BIG Ten.

Kate Martin Was In A Press Conference When The News Broke

When Lisa Bluder's announcement came about, Kate Martin was in the midst of a press conference about making the roster of the Las Vegas Aces, and the reporter was able to break the news to her during the conference.

College Coach's Positions Are Endowed By People

We just learned that if you give enough money, you can have your name as the head coaching title.

For Iowa Women's Basketball, it's the "P. Sue Beckwith M.D. Head Coach."

For Iowa Football, it's "University of Iowa Moon Family Head Football Head Coach."

University of Iowa
University of Iowa

Also sponsored are the "Klein Family Director of Player Development" and "Henry B. and Patricia B. Tippie Director of Athletics Chair."

Wedding Songs

Michaels is on the search for the perfect song to dance to with his daughter at her wedding, and some suggestions are putting us in a crying mood this morning.

One of them was I Loved Her First by Heartland, and one of the follow-ups was this beautifully hard-to-watch video of a dad learning sign language for his daughter who was a sign language interpreter and performed the song.

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