A Georgia man has been arrested after he was caught riding a lawn mower while drunk.

On April 30, Oconee County deputies in Georgia stopped 64-year-old Willie Laguines after they noticed him riding a lawn mower on the road on Highway 186 westbound, close to Payne Road.

Deputies said they noticed Laguines put down a black can from his mouth and steered the lawn mower off of the road. When authorities asked Laguines why he was on the road, he told them he was trying to get home. The sheriff's office said he told deputies he had left Golden Pantry.

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According to deputies, Laguines breath smelled like alcohol and he had a bag lying by his feet on the mower. Then, Laguines allegedly threw the beer can on the side of the road before showed deputies the remaining cans of beer in the bag, according to the report.

OCSO said Laguines told deputies that he drove to Golden Pantry 15 minutes before being stopped and told deputies he only had one beer.

Laguines asked deputies "to give him a chance" and that "he had been in this situation previously."


Officials said Laguines told them he had been hit by a car earlier this year while riding a lawnmower on the road.

He was arrested and charged with DUI-alcohol (less safe), an open container and a low-speed vehicle violation. He was booked into the Oconee County Jail.

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