Most Virginians are good, down-to-earth folks, but have you ever wondered if you can find some folks who aren’t quite as kind? It seems like outside of the politicians who decide to live just outside of DC, you’d be hard-pressed to find too many uppity people walking around.

Well according to our friends at RoadSnacks, there are certainly some places around Old Dominion where you can find some people that have let the money go to their heads. You might be saying “Anonymous blog internet writer guy, there are some great people in these towns, my grandma lives there!”. I’m not trying to sit here and tell you your grandma is terrible (her cookies are probably great), this list compiles the places that have the highest percentage of highly educated folks mixed with the overall wealth of the population.

So using that data, here are the “snobbiest” places in Virginia.

5. Leesburg


Population: 48,465
% Highly Educated: 55.0%
Median Income: $132,298
Median Home Price: $757,521

While Leesburg has the lowest percentage of highly educated residents on our list, they make up for it by having an incredibly high median income. That’s a lot of cash to go around.

4. Fairfax


Population: 24,242
% Highly Educated: 60.0%
Median Income: $128,708
Median Home Price: $702,237

There are a lot of positives to living in Fairfax. Great historic site nearby and a thriving cultural scene almost make up for some of the highest taxes statewide.

3. Purcellville


Population: 8,928
% Highly Educated: 60.0%
Median Income: $150,333
Median Home Price: $788,454
Are you beginning to notice a pattern? Even though it’s the smallest town on our list, all of the entries so far (and the two still to come) can be considered suburbs of our nation’s capital. At least in Purcellville, you’re able to get far enough away to avoid a lot of the hustle and bustle.

2. Falls Church


Population: 14,576
% Highly Educated: 80.0%
Median Income: $164,536
Median Home Price: $693,453

Falls Church actually has the lowest bar in terms of cost of living, but it still climbs to second on our list because of the staggering 80% of its citizens who have a college degree.

1. Vienna


Population: 16,401
% Highly Educated: 75.0%
Median Income: $215,556
Median Home Price: $1,007,468

When Billy Joel said, ”Vienna waits for you”, he certainly was not talking to me. Over a million dollars to buy the average home in this DC suburb is enough to make many Americans rethink their move. But if you have the dough to drop, this town houses some of the state’s elites.

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