In this business, we read about a lot of stupid criminals and the hiding places they try to use to get away from the cops. We've seen people stuck inside bounce houses, wedged inside of chimneys, and a guy who got busted when he gave up his hiding spot when he let one rip. We have a new one to add to our list.

A guy in London was on the run from cops and thought he had found the perfect hiding spot: Pretending to be a rooftop solar panel.

Police were after the guy because he was a suspect in a burglary, but they lost track of him somewhere in the area.

So, they called the one thing you can't outrun: a police helicopter with a high-powered camera that has thermal capabilities.

The helicopter took off, and once it got in the area, they found the guy, laying down on a roof next to some solar panels, trying not to move so that he wouldn't be seen.

“Pretending to be a solar panel on a roof will not fool us or our camera," the National Police Air Service tweeted.


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