People talk about "The Song of the Summer" as a cultural phenomenon...a song you can't escape because it's everywhere.  I have The Drink of the Summer.  Just like the song, you can't predict which it's going to be because you don't know how it's going to hit you and when and how often.

A few years back, my Drink of the Summer was Blue UV Vodka and lemonade.  2 years ago it was Uncommon Stout.  I didn't plan it...the opportunity presented itself and I rode it like the booze train it was.  Last year Jack & Coke was the drink of the summer.

While I can't predict what the drink will be this year, I would say the Vegas favorite could be Rhubodka-Rhubarb Vodka. We have a rhubarb patch that we've done nothing with.  My wife doesn't care for it, and therefore nothing gets made out of it.  No rhubarb pie, no rhubarb crisp, no rhubarb cake, no nothing.  So, I end up cutting it off and giving it to my mother & in laws and whoever else wants some.

This year...I'm putting it too good use!  Booze Booze Booze!

Click here for the recipe!