When you decide as a news agency to interview someone for something, you typically do at least a Google search to see what the guy is talking about.

A few years ago, a guy named Peter McIndoe created a fake conspiracy theory movement called "Birds Aren't Real." Essentially, the satire is similar to that of the flat earthers.

In their "theory," they believe that all birds in the United States were exterminated by the government, and were replaced by drones. The group claims that the birds sit on power lines to recharge themselves and that birds pooping on vehicles is just a form of tracking.

Well, there's always someone who doesn't understand satire and gives this guy a platform as though it's a real thing. Of course, that's not without Peter taking full advantage of that to embarrass them.

The video clip shared to YouTube shows part of his interview. Peter is finishing a point, and says "That's just what our movement is all about," as he takes a drink from his mug.

"It's more than just Gen Z's falling for conspiracy theories," one anchor begins to say as Peter 'chokes' and spits all of his milk out of his mouth in a gagging sound.

"Oh my god, I'm so nervous, I'm so sorry," Peter says as the screen cuts to stock footage of his followers. In the background, the sound of him hacking and gagging continues.

"Well, we hope you're okay. Why don't we give you some time to collect yourself and if you need help, let us know in the control room," the anchor says. "Well, Paul, let me tell you something, it's rainy weather today."

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