Rhonda Fountain of Bradenton, Florida was "overwhelmed and angry over a break up with her boyfriend" and she had a hard time dealing with it.

To say that she didn't handle the break-up well is an understatement. She burned a mobile home down, HER mobile home.

(Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

Witnesses on that date said they had seen Fountain leave the mobile home on a bicycle and then smelled smoke five minutes later, according to the report. The witnesses tried to get inside the home to put out the fire, but it was locked. They went to the management office, got a key and tried to extinguish the fire, which was eventually accomplished by the fire department.

Witnesses said Fountain returned to the scene after the fire department arrived but that she did not talk to anyone.

Bradenton Herald

That mugshot reminds me of someone, I just can;t put my finger on it...