A Florida man accused of beating and strangling his wife to death in the Orlando home has been found guilty by a jury Wednesday night.

David Tronnes was sentenced to life in prison almost five years after he was accused of murdering his wife, Shanti Cooper-Tronnes, after she refused to be a part of a home renovation show.

The couple was in the process of remodeling a home, which had quickly turned into a money pit, and not in the cute way like Tom Hanks.


David was hoping to get bailed out of the project by appearing on the renovation show, Zombie House Flipping, which follows a developer as he takes decapitated and forclosed homes and returns them to the beautiful home they had the potential to be.

Shanti's friends said she was excited about the possibility of being on the show, but in the investigation, it was found that she was upset with the project and was making plans to leave David.

Shanti's Murder Case Was Featured On 48 Hours. Watch it here.

Investigators said the renovation project was causing a lot of financial issues and Shanti's name was not on the deed.

“She didn’t die peacefully,” Shanti’s son, Jackson Cooper, said. “She did not deserve anything that happened to her that night.’

In Wednesday's deliberations, the state prosecutor said David had a motive to murder her after she expressed not being on board with taking part of the reality show. "That is an intent to kill.”

The jury determined that David was guilty of the murder, which he had disputed initially, saying he had found her passed out in the bathtub, submerged and bleeding.

“It’s five years of struggle and pain lifted off of our shoulders,” Jackson added. “It feels good inside that he’s finally where he is and now that we can move on knowing that he’s where he’s supposed to be and where he’s meant to be.”

The family of Shanti requested that the death penalty be dismissed in this case.

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