A New Mexico man is behind bars after soliciting a prostitute.

According to Albuquerque Police, Dominic Calderon rode his bike up to a woman who looked like a prostitute and asked her how much she charged for sex, to which she told him $80. Dominic didn't have the money now, so he asked for her number in order to reach her on his payday, like a responsible adult.

The prostitute asked him what was in the paper bag he was holding, which he told her was a burger from Chili's. She told him she would accept it as payment for sex, and honestly, I would too, especially if it's a Southern Smokehouse Burger.

Dominic accepted her offer, and was immediately arrested. It turns out the woman was not a prostitute, but a police officer prostitute suit.

When they ran his name through the system, it turned out that Dominic is a registered sex offender, and was on probation at the time. Obviously, his probation was violated and he is back in jail.

The affidavit says his belongings were tagged as evidence, but there's no word on what happened to the burger.

Albuquerque Police Department
Albuquerque Police Department

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