I'm glad to see that these studies are finally getting to things that matter. A new study asks: if you drop a piece of food, do you really have five seconds to grab it before it's too contaminated with bacteria to eat?

Boy eating cookies

Researchers at Aston University in England found that you can get away with scooping up food you drop using the five second rule. They also found that with some foods you can wait even longer.

If you drop something that's wet or sticky, like a frosted donut or some spaghetti, you have to grab it as quickly as possible. If it sits too long it will absorb bacteria and won't be safe to eat.

If you drop something hard and dry, like a cookie or a sandwich, you can take you time. You have about half an hour from when the food hits the floor until it's considered unsafe to eat.

Read more at Daily Mail.

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