An Eldridge man bought a few lottery tickets while he was on a road trip with his dad and ended up winning big.

Rryan Claussen of Eldridge claimed a scratch-off's $100,000 prize, marking the 4th top prize in the Iowa Lottery's "Supreme" scratch game, according to a release from IA Lottery. Claussen got the ticket when he was going home from Ames, and happened to stop at Casey's (1800 S. B Ave.) in Nevada.

Rryan and his dad bought a few scratch-offs to scratch together, he took care of the even-numbered ones while his dad scratched the odd-numbered ones. When Claussen landed on the big prize, he handed the ticket to his dad to scan it and verify it on the Iowa Lottery app.

IA Lottery
IA Lottery

It was definitely for real. Claussen claimed his prize on Friday at the Cedar Rapids office. As for what he's planning to do with the dough, he has a few ideas. He told the lottery:

I’m in the process of buying a house, so this might go for a down payment. My mom’s been wanting a new car that we’ve been looking at, so it might go to that, too.

Iowa Lottery's "Supreme" game is $10 scratch-off that has eight top prizes of $100,000 and overall odds of 1 in 3.15, according to the lottery.

"I thought it was a joke,” Claussen told the lottery. “I didn’t think I could win that.”

A big congrats to Rryan! Meanwhile, should we all take a field trip to the Casey's in Nevada?

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