Tucker Speckman is a fourth-grader at Wells Elementary School in East Moline and he forgot the first rule of playing hooky: Keep a low profile.

The young boy and his parents were attending the Chicago Cubs' home opener at Wrigley Field after he was called in sick at school for the day. Tucker had brought along a sign that said, "Skipping school... Shhh. Don’t tell Principal Versluis."

MLB tweeted out a photo of Tucker, you know, keeping a low profile:

Shortly after that photo was taken, Tucker ran into Pat Versluis, his principal. Principal Versluis was also playing hooky with his son, Aiden.

We spoke with Principal Versluis this morning, listen below:

Versluis says that Tucker is a great kid and his ditching school doesn't bother him. "I thought the sign was hilarious,” Versluis told the Chicago Sun-Times.

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