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Join Us At Crossroads Fireworks on Thursday!

Crossroads Fireworks Quad Cities Facebook
Crossroads Fireworks Quad Cities Facebook

Thursday, we'll be at Crossroads Fireworks to help you pick out your fireworks for your backyard display, and we have a super special secret 2-for-1 deal...

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Big Storm Came Through Last Night

Last night, June 25th, A damaging severe thunderstorm came through the Quad Cities with wind gusts up to 80 MPH. Tornadoes touched down in Preston and Clinton Iowa.

We asked on Facebook for people to send us pictures they took of the storm last night, and one of the coolest pictures was this one of a blue lightning strike and a rainbow.


Hairball Is Late For Work

This morning, Hairball found himself in a bit of a predicament that made him late for work. The issue started when a tree in his yard fell into the alleyway, causing significant damage. The fallen tree landed on his neighbor's house, taking out not only Hairball's fence but also his neighbor's power lines. Despite the tree not blocking Hairball's car or driveway, he decided to stay home and help clean up the mess before heading to work.

Hairball’s boss, Michaels, feels that since Hairball wasn’t physically blocked from leaving his house, he should have made it to work on time. On the other hand, Hairball believes his responsibility to help address the damage caused by his tree warranted his late arrival.

Now, we turn to you, our listeners, to cast your vote and decide whether Hairball's reason for being late is excusable or not.

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Click Here To Vote!

Everyone's saying Hairball looks like the guy from the Cheez-It commercial.

Jeff Healey's Lost Soundtrack

Jeff Healey's estate just released a new album they've called Road House: The Lost Soundtrack. All sorts of music was recorded for the Road House soundtrack, and the ones not used in the movie were put onto this vinyl.

You can get it at his website.

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