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It's Pi Day

A person getting a piece of cheesy pepperoni pizza
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Pi is 3.14 and a jumble of other numbers, today is March (3) 14th. It's Pi Day. That means there's some deals, but none of the ones you hope for.

Most pizza places have pizza pies for $3.14, just check whatever app they have for that place.

Village Inn is doing their Free Pie Wednesday deal for today too.

Megan is MCing the MVC Basketball Tournament All Weekend

Megan has some long days ahead of her Missouri Valley Conference Tournament at the Vibrant Arena all weekend long.

She needed a clipboard, so Hairball found her one and made sure it was labeled in a way that would get it returned to her if found.

Bachelor Meals With Air Fryer Tuck

Rafael messaged us during a discussion about easy meals Michaels can make himself since his wife is out of town and he notoriously has a hard time cooking anything that's not frozen to tell us he has a YouTube channel that he makes air fryer recipes for people who can't cook.

He goes by Air Fryer Tuck.

Guns N Roses Deep Cut

Dwyer played a song that nobody's heard from Guns 'N Roses in a hot minute, but had to have Goose clean it up and take the F word out.

Something Called Gorilla Hail Fell In The South Yesterday

Down south they had some huge hail, and it turns out some guy named Reed Timmer who's a professional storm chaser coined the term a few years back, meaning it's absolutely massive.

He shared a video of the hail stuck in the ground, where it left craters.

Counting Crows Coming To Town

The Counting Crows were just announced to be playing the John Deere Classic this summer, along with Lainey Wilson.

Naked Jumping Jacks

A woman was arrested for doing jumping jacks naked in her front yard, but unlike most stories - no meth and it's not necessarily a "bad naked" as we like to say.

However, this is the woman's latest arrest, as she was arrested for burning a cross in her front yard not too long ago.

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