There's nothing more incriminating than accidentally handing evidence right to a cop.

On Friday morning in Guelph, Ontario, a 19-year-old female was pulled over for driving erratically on the University of Guelph Campus at 2:35 a.m.

When the woman was pulled over, the officer had detected an odor of alcohol. She denied that she had been drinking, but when asked for her driver's license, the woman presented an LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) gift card.

The driver registered a fail on a roadside screening device and she was taken to Guelph Police Station where further testing confirmed she had more than the legal amount of alcohol in her system, according to the Guelph Police release.

The woman was arrested and charged with impaired driving. Her driver’s license was immediately suspended for 90 days and her vehicle was impounded for 14 days. She will appear in a Guelph court on February 22, 2022, according to the Guelph Police Service.

This story reminds me of another time when a woman gave a police officer something other than her driver's license.

Back in July of 2021, York Regional Police released a dashcam video that appears to show an impaired driver running through two stop signs. The driver was a woman who was traveling with a five-year-old child in the backseat. When the officer asked for her ID, she gave him a picture of rapper J.Cole.

"Your driving was terrible, you went through two stop signs, you threw garbage out the window, and then I asked you for your driver's license and you show me a picture of Apple Music. I ask you again for your driver's license and you show me a picture of a map. Do you have a driver's license, yes or no," the officer said in the video?

The Woman was arrested for drunk driving. Luckily no one was hurt, including the five-year-old girl in the backseat.

The end of the video reminds viewers "If you suspect someone is driving impaired, always call 9-1-1."

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