Blackhawk Farms Raceway is a two mile, seven turn circuit racetrack that you can take your personal car on and drive it the way it is supposed to be driven.

I've been up there a few times, and spent some quality track time learning how to operate a car at it's limit.  It's something most of us never get the opportunity to do, unless you're in the midst of an accident and by then it's too late.  But what a great experience to be in a car as it's sliding at the edge of control, it's driver at the same time keeping control and pushing it harder.  A typical track day wouldn't see you on the course driving without a trainer behind your wheel first.  It's a rush, to say the least.

Blackhawk Farms is located in South Beloit, Illinois, about two and a half hours away from the Quad Cities. As long as your car meets their technical guidelines

During their Automotive Track Days you can get your street car on the track as long as it meets their technical guidelines. Instructors lead classes on track driving for beginner drivers as well as veterans. The classes also aim to critique and expand your driving abilities.

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