The popularity of craft beers has been on the rise in the last few years. Here's good news for people, myself included, that switched up their drinking habits.

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A new study from Harris Poll shows that craft beer drinkers tend to regularly lead healthier lives. People who partake of craft brews usually make healthier decisions when it comes to eating and exercising.

  • 73% of craft drinkers view it as "an indulgence for special occasions."
  • More than 50% say they exercise multiple times a week.
  • 78% are likely to read nutrition labels.
  • A majority only drink on the weekends, so I guess I'm out.

The Vice President of Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Practice Danelle Kosmal said in a statement, "This presents some interesting challenges to brewers and retailers, but could also represent opportunities. First, it’s important for brewers to prioritize weekends for their biggest events in-store or at the brew pub and tasting rooms. This is when craft drinkers are thinking most about beer-drinking occasions. However, there also could be new opportunities to engage craft drinkers by creating weekday drinking occasions."

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