Hairball and his dad were not looking forward to mowing their yard last summer because it was about 98 degrees. They have a push mower, and it was going to suck.

So, they went outside and put their minds together to come up with a new idea.

Tying a rope around the self-propelled drive bar, and hit the backyard with a couple beers. It looked like an outtake from Field of Dreams, if the guy who landscaped the field and his dad reunited on the field.


One stood on one side of the yard and pointed the mower in the direction of the other. When the mower reached the other person, they simply stepped to the side, grabbed it by the handle, and sent it on its way.

Now, this hack is dangerous and should be done with caution. Actually, don't do it at all, because you'll lose a foot and then we'll be in trouble with corporate. So let's just say DO NOT ATTEMPT.

Check it out.

It takes a little bit longer, but you're standing in the same spot, so you're barely sweating. Plus, you're just standing around most of the time, so instead of the one beer you drink as you mow, you'll have time for two to three beers.

Really, this is the way to do it from here on.

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