A new beer is hitting the shelves that's being marketed towards survivalists and doomsday preppers. Cause if society collapses, I'm still going to want a beer.

"It's The End of the Wort As We Know It" by Dogfish Head Brewery is a Belgian-style fruit ale that is packed with essential amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins. Basically an alcoholic superfood.

It contains more than eight times the amount of Vitamin B that's in normal light lagers and over 90% of the daily recommended folic acid. This desert island beer is blended with blueberries, acai, goji berries, purple sweet potatoes, rose hips, chia seed, flax seed, spelt, oats and quinoa.

The slightly tart, kinda sweet ale measures in at 9% ABV. So you'll get a good buzz off of just a few.

It'll be made available on January 27th as a limited bottle release. The solar blanket-wrapped 750ml bottles come with a $45 price tag and a limited-edition Dogfish Swiss army knife. Paracord secures the whole package together.

Read more at Dogfish Head Brewery.

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