I love Animal Kingdom. It's probably one of my favorite amusement parks I've ever been to, because it just gets you so close to animals you never would get to even see otherwise. Sometimes, it's possible you get a little too close.

Video shared to TikTok by @lovindisworld showed a gorilla who was upset about the onlookers watching him make big potty, so he readjusted himself.

The gorilla turns a little bit and sticks his hand under his ass, craps in it, and then immediately hucks that turd at the people recording.

@lovindisworldCrappy Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ##foryou ##viral ##disneyparks ##gorilla ##animals ##funnyanimals ##disneyworld ##wdw ##disneytiktok ##ohno ##disney ##fypシ

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Luckily whoever was recording was narrowly missed, and they then showed the turd sitting on the bridge. @Lovindisworld said "Never know what souvenirs you will get from Disney.”

He then moved himself over behind the rocks, and looked at them as if they threw the poo at him.

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