Live music great way to discover new music that can’t be replicated by listening to a recording. Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music in the Quad Cities area.

Here is a big ole list of some great live local bands to go support!



  • FireSale, Common Chord and Joe Verstraete @ Zeke's Island Cafe
  • Lewis Knudsen @ Harrington's Pub
  • Open Mic Night at TUGGERS
  • Ed James @ Steventon's Riverfront Food & Spirits
  • Kyle & Brad Live @ Twin Span Brewing
  • Ariel McReynolds @ The Tangled Wood


  • Folk n' Stages @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Panic River Band @ The Raccoon Motel
  • Birds of a Feather - Phish Tribute @ Rock Island Brewing Company
  • J Edwards Music @ The V’ue
  • Jen Craft @ Oak Grove Tavern
  • Victor Dean @ The Tangled Wood
  • Nivrana: Tribute to Nirvana in the Redstone Room
  • Code 415 @ Parkside Grill & Lounge
  • BanD Acoustic @ The Hawkeye Tap


  • Dirt Road Rockers @ Rust Belt's Free Winter Jam
  • Travis Ried Band @ Kavanaugh's Hilltop
  • 3 On The Tree | Bury Scurry After Party @ Legends Sports Bar and Grill
  • Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Lewis Knudsen @ Mulligan's Valley Pub
  • Hap Hazard at 11th Street Precinct
  • Ariel McReynolds @ Blue Suede Cocktails & Coffee
  • TyJon Charlie@Pour Bros
  • Ginger Roots at Geneseo Brewing Co
  • That Gurl @ Rascals Bar and Grill
  • Jen Craft Acoustic @ Front Street Brewery
  • The Crooked Cactus Band @ Gypsy Highway


  • BanD Acoustic @ Riverfront Grille

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