After getting spun out Thursday night, Danica Patrick got out of her car and went after fellow driver Denny Hamlin and proceed to have a very heated argument. Luckily we have the commentators there to replay the situation and break down just what happened.

With the Daytona 500 happening this Sunday, tensions are running high amongst the NASCAR ranks. "Rubbin's racin'" as they say, but Danica Patrick wasn't having any of that when Denny Hamlin got a little too close at the Daytona Qualifiers.

He cut across my rear bumper and pulls the back end around," Patrick said. "I get being close. But he's been going to my left rear and it just gets it light. I don't want to have these issues, but if we're going to have these issues then we're going to have to deal with them. We can't be putting ourselves out of our race at someone else's expense and nothing's happened to him.

The entire encounter between the two was caught on camera, including an action replay with color commentary. With such lines like, "she is hot about it" and "that's a consoling gesture".