The older I get and the more people we lose...the more I am inclined to savor the moment.  Smart phones are great to have around because of the ease of use for capturing a moment through picture, video or text.

In fact we have kept a list of some of the funny things our kids have said.  We haven't added to it recently because my kids have turned into quite the comedians.  Pretty sure I'd be typing all day long around here.

But in an effort to capture the moment here is a list of some hilarious things my kids have said:

"Is it hard to build robots?"

"Is there such thing as a bunny tadpole?"

"Are 'hens' real?"

"What makes bombs so dangerous?"

"Is there such thing as a space bridge?"

"How small can a tornado be and still hurt people?"

"Is this the side it's still morning on?"

"When is it going to be 2017 again?"

"Why did they name hot dogs 'hot dogs'?"

"Can fish get sunburned?"

"I think they stuffed extra potatoes in my french fries."

"Doesn't anyone want to dance fight with me?"

All of these were said by my kids or friends' kids and were immediately entered into my "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" tab in my iPhone list app.

One of the best parts about having kids is when they embarrass a loved one.  If it can be one of their grandparents, then that's even better.

It's the best if you catch it all on video like this little girl below.

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