This just further proves the point that dads shouldn't be left alone for too long without supervision.

Jeff Conder decided that it sucked being home with the whole family, so he was going to make things more fun for everyone. So, he turned the house into a big ball pit.

Conder waited until the family was gone, and filled the house with 250,000 ball pit balls. He had felt bad because his family had been self isolating due to health concerns of their own, so his daughters hadn't seen their friends for awhile.

“My wife and my kids didn’t know, I was working on the idea with my friend and I was like, ‘It can’t just be like a few balls around your ankles, you’ve got to jump in and get lost in it.'"

He said his daughters came home first, and were shrieking with excitement, and his one daughter said "Mom's going to kill you!"

Dad V Girls via YouTube

Sarah, Conder's wife, came home and had a shocked look on her face, but dove into the ball pit after all.

Dad V Girls vis YouTube

Check out his YouTube channel, Dad V Girls.

Read more at Fox News.

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