If you checked Facebook this last weekend, you saw everyone who going above and beyond for Valentine's Day.

One dad tried to do something special for his family, by writing the word "Love" on the map by taking walks, using the app Strava to draw the letters.

Well, dads are dads, and not everything goes as planned when you try to do something new.

"My dad was trying to write Love on Strava for Valentine’s Day,” TikTok user @hannahhague96, captioned on her video.

@hannahhague96Fail #valentinesday #winterwalks #fy #fail #fyp #joke #♬ original sound - Tik Toker

It didn't turn out to say "Love," it isn't even a word at all, it looks just like a squiggle.

The internet's heart collectively melted at the thought of him going out of his way to try.

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“I just want to find someone who would go to these lengths for me,” wrote one follower.

The video has over 600,000 views, and from what I can see, not a single negative comment.

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