This sounds like a scene out of a comedy, so bravo to these people for trying to do it in real life.

27-year-old Karl Jensen of London and his 26-year-old girlfriend Lisa Hutchinson tried to smuggle some stuff to people in a prison last year. Their plan to get it inside was the ol' bag-on-a-fishing-pole trick.

What contraband was worth smuggling in via the fishing pole? A McDonald's Egg McMuffin.

Also marijuana, cocaine, and a knife. But we're focusing on the McMuffin, because that makes it classic. Although we're not 100% sure it was an Egg McMuffin. It could have been any one of the many other McMuffins in the large McMuffin family.

(Wormwood Scrubs Prison)

The prison guards caught them and they were arrested on several charges, including conspiracy to supply drugs. They were both sentenced this week. Lisa only got probation and rehab, but Karl got two-and-a-half years in prison. Hope he eats plenty of McMuffins before his term starts.

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