Rarely on the radio do you get to ask a guest about their favorite kill.

CJ Graham played Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives and will be appearing at Midwest Monster Fest on September 3rd through the 5th.

So, of course I got my horror loving cousin, Andrew Wilkerson (host of the Sleep With The Lights On Podcast) to come ask a few questions to someone who played a pop culture icon!

We talked about how CJ got chosen to be Jason and his time as GM of Jumer's Casino here in the Quad Cities!

We talked about how Alice Cooper's "Man Behind the Mask" got into the film.

CJ was such a great guy to talk with.  Very humble, affable, and I felt like we could've stayed on for another hour chatting with him.  18 minutes may be a record for me (except for my first interview, Robert Schimmel who was eating cereal during our call.)

The 2nd annual showcase for horror movie lovers is back! Midwest Monster Fest happens September 3rd through the 5th at the Rust Belt in East Moline.

Come meet Corey Glover from Living Colour, QC native Linnea Quigly, Clint Howard from Apollo 13 and Evil Speak among others.

Of Course CJ Graham will be there too along with lots of artists, authors and plenty of horror related vendors.

Get your all weekend pass or your daily passes today at Co-op Records in Moline or at MidwestMonsterFest.com.

Don't miss this great Horror Fest.

Midwest Monster Fest happens september 3rd through the 5th at The Rust Belt in East Moline.

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