This is an unabashed request for you and your family to go out and enjoy a little time at the Ballpark this Summer.

Baseball games are one of the best and longest-running family memories we have in the Dwyer house. From my days as a kid, to bringing my own kids upon my shoulders to stadiums across the Midwest, those lazy days in the stands are times I still cherish.

Be it a 'Bandits game on the riverfront, or a Lumber Kings game in their traditional stadium in Clinton, or a trip to a Major League game for a once-in-a-lifetime event, you can't go wrong spending a day with America's pastime. Forget the politics of the game, and just take in the atmosphere.

I've been in the seats in rain, snow, heat, and beautiful weather--each offers it's own unique experience but all have a lasting impression on the family. Those are the stories that we will still remember at future family gatherings.

Batter Up!

Me and my dad at a recent Cardinals Playoff Game. My first baseball memories are of the old Busch Stadium, just me and Him. Also Sox Park for White Sox Games.