The first time I saw this video, I actually laughed out loud. If you've ever been to a car show or anywhere there's some recently restored vehicles, you know that somebody has to show off and do a cool fishtail or a burnout on their way out of the show.

On occasion, we'll see one of those videos of a car owner fishtailing into a telephone pole, over a curb, or into some other expensive car, but this one is a new breed that I've never seen before.

During his little power slide, the driver's door opens up, and the driver, Hunter Phillips, rolled out onto the road.

Gavin Shoebridge via Twitter
Gavin Shoebridge via Twitter

Hunter fell out of the car, which continued off of the road and apparently into an Ace Hardware.

After the unexpected deal, Phillips told The Drive he has a lot of repairs to make, and the car is one that he doesn't want the insurance to write off. Phillips said that this car was the one that brought him home from the hospital, and has been in his family for longer than he has.

Phillips told The Drive he's not sure why the door opened, but thinks it just wasn't latched all the way. The door, rear quarter panel, driver's side fender, front lip and rear glass all were damaged in the crash.

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